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Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

Unwelcome sexual advances at work by a supervisor or co-worker are illegal. It is also against the law to subject an individual to a hostile work environment based on sex.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Although sexual harassment associated with unwelcome sexual advances, its broader definition includes much more. For example, the advance does not need to be based on sexual desire and it can be based on the same sex too.

Some examples of sexual harassment, harassment and related claims inflicted on the LGBT community include:

  • Sexual assault/unwelcome physical touching of a sexual nature
  • Proposing employment advances or hiring for sexual acts ("quid pro quo")
  • Visual harassment by displaying sexually explicit objects, cartoons or pictures
  • Pattern of verbal abuse by sexually offensive comments and degrading words
  • Making sexual advances or propositions, physically or verbally
  • Making gender-related comments about a person's appearance or mannerisms
  • Bullying someone using gender-related comments or conduct
  • Treating a person badly because they do not conform to gender roles

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We recently represented a client who was harassed by her former assistant manager. The assistant manager had a history of discriminatory animus toward his female employees. When they complained to the manager he did nothing.

We requested a jury trial and sought back pay, interest, fees and compensatory and punitive damages for our client.

We also asked that damages be awarded so as to maximize the sum our client receives, by awarding punitive damages under federal law and compensatory damages under state law, because under New York state law there is no cap on compensatory damages in sexual discrimination cases, but punitive damages are not recoverable. Read more >

The Daily Gazette Apr 24, 2018

We empower victims of workplace sexual harassment to get justice whether privately or publicly. The Law Office of Patrick Sorsby PLLC has an unparalleled record of successin helping victims face their aggressors in the courtroom and in securing prelitigation settlements of sexual harassment matters. Please contact our New York offices at (518) 456-4529 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.

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