Holding Perpetrators Accountable With the Help of JDoe

We partnered with JDoe in 2019 to send a loud and clear message that we stand with survivors of sexual misconduct. Together, we are spearheading underreported crimes and are generating a tremendous amount of emotional as well as practical strength for survivors.

Our philosophy is built on 3 foundational ideas

    Identify repeat offenders. Cases with multiple plaintiffs are both less harrowing for survivors and more likely to win in court. The current system more often than not fails to find mutual survivors.
    Provide direct access to civil lawyers and prosecutors, circumventing authorities who may not have survivors' best interests in mind. It is our goal that making the reporting process simpler and safer will enable more survivors and witnesses to act within the statute of limitations of their state.
    Ensure survivors and witnesses complete control over their data. Nothing will be sent to anyone, ever, until a user specifically requests it. Our encryption algorithms guarantee your privacy. Even if compelled to do so by a warrant, JDoe would be unable to read your data and hand it over.

Ryan M. Soscia, Founder & CEO JDoe

There are a number of reasons someone might not want to report a sexual assault, rape or harassment they've experienced. This is our normal human response. After JDoe got feedback from thousands of survivors the top reasons included:

  • Shame
  • Misery
  • Fear of Reprisal (aka retaliation)
  • Not Knowing What to Do
  • Not Knowing Where to Go

The truth is that the vast majority of sexual assaults are conducted by 'repeat offenders' which means the impact of stopping a perpetrator early-on in his/her career is important. JDoe has built a system that identifies repeat sexual offenders 70% faster than similar services and there are significant communal benefits in being able to achieve this (and at scale). If sexual assault were really a virus, JDoe would be the identifying system targeting this highly persistent threat at its roots.

JDoe is available everywhere in the United States for free on iPhone and Android devices. You can learn more about JDoe by visiting their site: https://jdoe.io or by searching for "JDoe" in the app store.

Our attorneys are passionate advocates for the injured. Our practice identifies and screens cases which could not be adequately handled by firms with lesser skills, resources, or experience. Our attorneys will work closely with individuals and his or her family to ensure their rights are protected.

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